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Wikia Wiki Torcher Piggy Roblox. My version of the Torcher theme from Piggy the Roblox game that is a mash up of Granny and Peppa PigWant to learn the piano? Here is the quickest and easie.

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New Roblox Piggy Torcher Ep 8 Youtube Torcher is an unlockable skin in piggy it costs 550 piggy tokens to unlock torcher wears a hazmat suit with a black gas mask and has a pair of red goggles being part of the mask their pants are gray with black shoes and holds a flamethrower as a weapon his identity is currently unknown he is the primary bot for outpost chapter 11.

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The Roblox Piggy Torcher Skin has had a lot of Piggy players questioning who Torcher really is Well in this Piggy video I tell you Torcher‘s secret true ide.