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Roblox Project Jojo Tusk Act 3 4 Showcase Youtube tusk act 4 pose roblox
Roblox Project Jojo Tusk Act 3 4 Showcase Youtube from Today we showcase Tusk Act 3 & 4! Game Link: https://www.roblox.com/games/1135391284/Project-JoJo __________________________________________________________ …

You gotten the Legendary Stand Tusk Act 4 By JoJo’s Chains of Fate Earn this Badge in [WIP] Stand Proud if you get tusk act 4 u will get this badge due to how rare the stand is this badge is not to be used for restores Type.

Tusk Your Bizarre Adventure Wiki Fandom

Moveset (Q) Summon You summon your stand (Lft mouse )ORA You throw a punch doing 30 damage (E) Spin Barrage You throw barrages with heft and power Deals 35 damage 20second cooldown (R) Rotation Strike You strike your enemy doing 30 damage and stuns them for 5 seconds 15second cooldown (F) Infinite Rotation Punch You put the infinite spin on your.

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Passive 1 Nails You have 5 nails certain moves cost a certain number of them Appearance tusk act 4 is a female stand from the manga of JoJo’s bizarre adventure and is johnnys stand in its full form or ACT tusk act 4 is a and which is mostly pink and has stars covering its entire body accept for its chest and stomach its stomach is black and surrounded by dandling line like.

Roblox Project Jojo Tusk Act 3 4 Showcase Youtube

You gotten the Legendary Stand Tusk Act 4 Roblox

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