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Torpedo (750000 cash) Torpedo boasts the highest top speed in the game only matched by Volt Bike The car was only accessible to players who reached Level 30 in Season 1 and Level 5 in Season 2.

What are all the cars in jailbreak?

Hear me out no car will EVER be faster than the Torpedo and that is FACT The Jailbreak chasis (a chasis is a sort of script that allows cars to move and drive) and the Jailbreak chasis is unable to reach anything that is beyond the speed of the Torpedo it will simply result in the car being unable to move and will be slower than the 1/100.

Roblox Jailbreak Quizdiva Quizzes To Answers

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Audi R8 and Ferrari The Lamborghini is a super series car that is known for having disproportionately fast top speed and launch for its relatively cheap price With full upgrades it completely outruns the other more expensive supercars which is the reason for it being restricted to lower engine levels in the Supercar ChampionshipMissing robloxMust include.