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Roblox Sword Blox Online First Boss. Roblox has been an amazing free online hub for 10plus years offering a large array of different games including some of the best PVP fighting games There are many options to choose from sword fighting firstperson shooters MMA simulators and more RELATED 10 Tips For Fighting Game Beginners Players new or veteran looking for fresh fighting games to.

Sword Blox Online Floor 3 Boss Mobs Trick By Otakugamerz Tv roblox sword blox online first boss
Sword Blox Online Floor 3 Boss Mobs Trick By Otakugamerz Tv from

Submit rate and find the best Roblox codes on RTrack Social or see details about this Roblox game See up to date game codes for Sword Blox Online Rebirth Sword Blox Online! Wiki beef 1 Floor Layout 2 The Lake 3 The Mine 4 The Miniboss Dungeon 5 The Console Room 6 The Dungeon 7 Mobs 8 Quests 9 Trivia Floor 2 is the first floor.

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Illfang The Kobold Lord Stallord Lord Slug Storm Atronach X’rphan the White Wyrm Bonnz the Skeleton Lord Uakmaroth the Demon Lord Karth’uk The Crystal Kraken.

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Sword Blox Online Rebirth (or just SBOR) is a game roughly based on the Sword Art Online anime and is continued by Zuyashi from the work of Atarru and the Apex development team Under a different development group the game is about players going through the world of SAO and making their way up the numerous floors and overcoming challenges.

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Sword Blox Online Rebirth Wiki (OFFICIAL) Description This is the official UpToDate Trello board for SBOR Thank you for taking the time to view it if there’s anything that’s inaccurate please message a staff member on discord to fix it.

Sword Blox Online Floor 3 Boss Mobs Trick By Otakugamerz Tv

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The first thing you will need to do to get the Tushita sword is to make sure that you have reached level 2000 in the game Otherwise you will not receive the sword You will also need to have the Chalice of God in your possession which can be obtained by defeating Elite Pirates Use your divine chalice (of all colors) to summon boss Rip Indra.