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Roblox Skyscraper Ad Template. The skyscraper ads are relatively simple but have a relatively obvious call to action This is the box ad that I used Got a low CTR but higher clicks than the other skyscraper ad I used advertising at the same price The reason it probably got more clicks is because there is likely less people advertising using box ads.

Free And Customizable Wide Skyscraper Ad Templates Canva roblox skyscraper ad template
Free And Customizable Wide Skyscraper Ad Templates Canva from

The 160×600 ad size is an IAB standard ad unit with dimensions of 160 pixels wide by 600 pixels tall This ad size is known as a skyscraper ad a super skyscraper or sometimes a wide skyscraper The 160×600 ad size is generally placed on the side of a page so as to show users an ad as they scroll down the pageMissing robloxMust include.

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Advertising is a good way to bring attention to the awesome stuff that you have built or made You may even be able to make Robux by bidding on ads for an item which other players may then purchase or visit For more information on how the advertising works on Roblox please read through our Developer Hub article here Additional Help.

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Web ads are proven to be effective in boosting sales for businesses One of the most used types of online advertisements is a skyscraper ad What makes it a hit to advertisers and business owners is that a wide skyscraper ad tends to yield higher clickthroughs because of its visual impact and noveltyMissing robloxMust include.

Free And Customizable Wide Skyscraper Ad Templates Canva

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Skyscraper 160 by 600 Banner728 by 90 Ads for Roblox can be seen on many sites similar to Roblox However if you are asking why.