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Roblox Scp 049 By Subaru112. Containment SCP049! By @MrNotSoHERO Earn this Badge in Scary Elevator! FNAF Security Breach???? Obtain this badge by collecting it during the ASYLUM floor!.

Minecraft Scp Foundation Scp 106 The Old Man S1e6 Youtube roblox scp 049 by subaru112
Minecraft Scp Foundation Scp 106 The Old Man S1e6 Youtube from Minecraft SCP Foundation! – SCP-106 …

DescriptionContainmentSpecial Containment ProceduresBreachingBehaviourSCP049 resembles the appearance of a medieval plague doctor SCP049 has a black hood black clothing with buttons a black plague doctor mask and glowing blue eyes SCP049’s movement speed is around the same of a walking player When SCP049 is near a player that it dislikes (see below) SCP049 will begin to hit them with its cane Each hit does around 25 dama.

Roblox Script Showcase Episode#1302/Subaru112's SCP106

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Scp 106 Shirt Roblox – Music Accoustic

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Minecraft Scp Foundation Scp 106 The Old Man S1e6 Youtube

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