Roblox Button Click Using Script

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Roblox Button Click Using Script. You mean like MouseButton1Click ? You can use it to do a function when an image/text button is clickedif that&#39s what you mean developerroblox .

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sorry about the little misdirection lol! but I wanna know how to use the script “detector” to detect if the button was clicked.

How do you make all buttons click events work with just one script?

Hi there I have a script where if you hit a key such as “R” it fires a function however I want it to also allow clicks from a gui too and .

Is there a way to detect a gui button clicked using a script

By clicking the mouse has to be in bounds of the button and has to be pressed the LocalScript containing the code should be a child of the GUI button.

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The scripts from ROBLOX&#39s website don&#39t work for some reason 0 Post the Script please JBennettChief9 146 — 1y.

How To Make A Kill Block On Roblox 13 Steps With Pictures

A way I can get the GUI button a player clicked without scripting

How do I click a GUI with a script? Scripting Support DevForum

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How do I make it so when a gui button is clicked, it fires the same

Roblox GUI Scripting Tutorial #2 TextButton (Beginner to Pro 2020)Hey guys! Welcome back to another roblox gui scripting tutorial In .