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Retail Tycoon Roblox Lighthouse. About Retail Tycoon Retail Tycoon is a game made by Haggie125 on August 14 2015The game is inspired by Dued1’s “Your Store Tycoon” (which is currently broken) and currently is private The Sequel game Retail Tycoon 2 had a paid access fee of R$25 but currently is free to playThose who played during beta got a golden statue of their own avatar that gave 25 decoration theMissing lighthouseMust include.

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Roblox Retail Tycoon Lighthouse Secret Youtube from ROBLOX – Retail Tycoon **Lighthouse …

455k members in the roblox community A community for Roblox the free game building platform Found the internet! 2 i just found lighthouse secret at retail tycoon Screenshot Close 2 Posted by 3 years ago.

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The lighthouse has a store in the basement Here you can buy items that aren’t available at robomart It’s a trick to get here because there is a lava river that blocks your path Luckily the river lowers and raises periodically so you can drive through it when its down Once past the lava river there is a lake that you must get across So build a boat factory or purchase a boat from.

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The Destroyed Lighthouse is the third Psychic Force Training Location It is located next to the gold gym The lighthouse gives a x50 base multiplier for psychic gains You need 100000 Psychic to use the lighthouse The Lighthouse got destroyed in Update 3 You can still train at the Lighthouse in the water It’s somewhat hard to find the area that you can train at as it’sMissing retail tycoonMust include.

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Retail Tycoon is Haggie125 ‘s most popular game It has over 168+ million visits and has gained 16M+ user favorites with a decent upvote rating It used to cost 25 robux to gain access to the game when it was still in beta Those who played the game when it was still in beta are awarded with a golden statue In the game you build a store from Missing lighthouseMust include.

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Welcome to Roblox Retail Tycoon 2 where we build a new store and make tons of cash?! Can we get 500 Likes?Become an Official Foolhttps//wwwyoutubecom/use.