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Make A Hand Tool Roblox. You can make it not have a Handle part But that’d make it so you can’t hold the weapon model I believe You can then make scripts to work around that toolEquippedconnect (function () local partToFix = toolGripPart weld = Instancenew (“ManualWeld” partToFix) weldPart0 = toolParentRightHand weldPart1 = partToFix weldC0 = CFramenew Top responses.

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Hello As of late I have needed to make a tool that holds an item and allows the hand on the right side to still swing However roblox automatically makes tools be held in the right hand so my only way of making the item stay in the correct place on the left hand is to weld the right hand to stay where it is.

Creating Tools Roblox

My problem is that I would like to use a model as a tool For example I made a script that lets you throw one part It pretty much just copies the tool in hand and launches it I tried just changing things for it to work for a model but I guess you need to know how to use welds and other things but I have no idea howTop responses.

Making tool handles switch between hands? Roblox

Guide First you will need to weld your gun parts to your handle Go to play mode and equip your tool and go into the tool handle or possibly your characters right hand and see whatever In your tool code after welding delete that old object attaching the tool handle to your right hand Create a.

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Roblox held in the a tool be left hand? How to make

local tool = scriptParent local scoop = toolScoop local function onTouch(partTouched) end In local function onTouch type local canHarvest = partTouchedParentFindFirstChild(“CanHarvest”) This will search for an object named CanHarvest in whatever touched the tool.