How To Delete Clone Cars Of Your Roblox Studio

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How To Delete Clone Cars Of Your Roblox Studio. 1 Go to Workspace > Insert Object > Script and sort within the following sequence of codes sport GamersPlayerAddedjoin (operate (participant) native folder = Occasionnew (“Folder”participant) folderIdentify = “leaderstats” native currency1 = Occasionnew (“IntValue”folder) currency1Identify = “Money”.

Vehicle Simulator Rbxvs Twitter how to delete clone cars of your roblox studio
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CurCar Remove end if Car then local clonedCar = Car Clone clonedCar Name = player Name ‘ sCar ‘ clonedCar Parent = game Workspace clonedCar MoveTo (player.

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Run Roblox Studio Log into your account within Studio Click on My Experience Find the experience you want to copy click it and then click Edit on the bottom of the screen Once you are editing the experience you can copy two ways If you would just like a backup saved to your computer choose File > Save As.

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When you are happy with your setup go ahead and copy the script into your command bar in studio and run the script The script will print when it’s finished in the output Sit back and let the script do it’s work This can take some time depending on the map size I tested with 6k parts and took around 15 MinutesAug 21 2021Jan 31 2021Apr 23 2020Apr 08 2019.

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I have seen videos and stuff on how to clone things in Roblox but most of it is just “How to clone parts in Roblox!” and “How to clone OBJECTS in Roblox!” But still is only showing parts My goal here is to make a system that when you touch a part your character gets cloned to a position in the workspace while a cut scene plays.

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To copy an object on Roblox Studio first make sure the object is grouped right If you want to copy an object of more than one brick all the bricks must be grouped Select the object you want to.