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Presents were objects on the water in the 2019 Christmas Event You could turn them in at the Santa’s Grotto in the Lobby for limited time objects Presents have also appeared in the 2020 Christmas event on balloons that you have to shoot down Presents have also appeared as a currency during the 2021 Christmas event which were obtained by inputting certain fourdigit.

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SUBSCRIBE to SIR MEOWS A LOT!! https//googl/LjyjDRIn today’s video Denis tries to not be eaten by a giant killer shark! DENIS BACKTOSCHOOL BACKPAC.

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GameplayBonus RoundsStoreTriviaSharkBite is a survival game where you have to kill the shark as a Survivor or kill the Survivors as the Shark After intermission time is up someone will randomly be chosen as the shark and Survivors will have 10 seconds to get ready before the shark spawns Once the shark is killed the round will end and the remaining survivors will get 20 credits If the shark isn’t killed yet and ther.