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Area 27 Roblox Sir. About Us Hello! Allow me to introduce ourselves We are a development team working to create a Version 20 for a groupowned game which revolves around the “SCP Foundation” which is an online wiki forum revolving around “aliens” or “monsters” which can do different things This project is one that has been going on for quite a long time The TeamMissing sirMust include.

Scpf Area 27 V1 Creepysins The Old Days Youtube area 27 roblox sir
Scpf Area 27 V1 Creepysins The Old Days Youtube from

Share your thoughts experiences and stories behind the art Upload stories poems character descriptions & more Sell custom creations to people who love your style Find out what other deviants think about anything at allMissing sirMust include.

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These are the ranks in Area 47 This is the most common class Your job is to get tested or escape Really talking the Foundation Personnel doesn’t have much to do in the game However they’re job is to help or make sure everything is clean in the facility Their job is to maintain that everyone is healthy and heal other players This job role is to make sure that every person in the Missing sirMust include.

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The O5 Council is the facility’s top rank They supervise the current divisions to ensure that directives are executed properly and hold meeting to discuss incidents breaches terminations of personnel and research proposals The class does require a form of payment for availability which is valued in 1700 Robux When purchased you firstly press the “Menu” button located atMissing sirMust include.

Scpf Area 27 V1 Creepysins The Old Days Youtube

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